REQUIREMENTS & USECASESYour imagination is the limit

The choice of where to use the wind turbines is entirely yours. With a simple and convenient installation system, there are numerous areas of application available. Let us know where you’re interested in utilizing wind power, and we’ll help you find the optimal solution to suit your specific requirements.
Street in Financial District of Chicago

City Lightning

Turn your city lights from energy guzzlers to energy producers.
Swiss mountain train Bernina Express crossed through the high mo

Energy autonomous areas

Energy-self sufficient supplies are necessary for critical infrastructure areas, ranging from sensor networks for water supplies in communities, to information monitors for transport and logistics
panoramic view in the swiss high alps

Power Lines

Use existing infrastructure from power lines - even in the remotest areas.
shanghai nanpu bridge at night


Illuminate your motorways and access roads with energy-autonomous pillars.
Cable car gondola at ski resort with snowy mountains on background. Modern ski lift with funitels and supporting towers high in the mountains on winter day. No people.


Use the existing supports and poles of cable and gondola lifts to improve the energy balance of their operations.
Electric Car Charging At Power Station

Car charging

Extend your charger and load your car with wind energy

Wind Conditions

Recommended for turbulent regions and independent of wind direction, such as for overhead signs on highways. We suggest utilizing the product within the following wind speed range.
Runin wind speed
Optimum wind speed
Rated wind speed

Using existing infrastructure

If necessary, we can leverage pre-existing infrastructure, such as high voltage lines or highways, or alternatively function autonomously in isolated regions.