ENERGY CONVERSION FOR PUBLICLow noise wind turbines meet aesthetics

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION – NOT THE PROBLEMThe latest green and solid technology woodmade vertical axis wind turbines

  • For long lasting operation
  • Low noise pollution
  • No shadowing
  • Easy integration in existing infrastructure (retrofit)
  • Low maintenance
  • Low environmental impact (woodmade & C02 neutral)

Use wind energy in urban areas without bothering people

Sounds contradictory? Thanks to latest innovation of EC4P - existing infrastructure can be used to create green energy. Vertical axis wind turbine are minimal invasive, discrete, quiet and aesthetic.
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ENERGYGrid tiedEN4105

Worried about safety?

Our wind turbines meet the latest ISO-norms and are deeply tested. Advanced technology guarantees remote access and taking them from the power grid if necessary.

Turn your city lights from energy guzzlers to energy producers

Extend your existing city lights by a wind turbine and a PV module to generate energy. With the battery module energy is saved for nights as well. Being energy-autonomous is nice – selling additional energy is even better.
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Genuine Sustainability: Positive Life Cycle Assessment and Zero Greenwashing

Our wooden wind turbine is more than just an eco-friendly choice. With a positive Life Cycle Assessment and no green washing, you can trust that our product is truly sustainable. Plus, the recyclable material ensures a cleaner future for all.